Insurance - For Students

Medical students attending the University of Saskatchewan can apply for SMA life and disability insurance coverage, insured through Manulife Financial.

Please note, applications and information regarding your insurance are not available online at this time. Please contact a member of the SMA Membership & Benefits Team to learn more at

SMA Life Insurance

  • $100,000 term life insurance with no medical underwriting
  • Name any beneficiary
  • Optional riders available
  • Additional life insurance and spousal life insurance available up to $5,000,000
  • Coverage can be continued upon graduation, whether you remain in Saskatchewan or not

SMA Disability Insurance

  • Coverage available based on year of study
  • No medical underwriting for coverage under $2500
  • 90 day elimination period with benefit period to age 65
  • Coverage can be continued upon graduation whether you remain in Saskatchewan or not, and can be transferred to the SMA/RDoS disability plan upon enrollment in the U of S residency training program.

Medical Student Year

Coverage Amount Available

Coverage Type

1st year

Up to $1500/month


2nd year

Up to $1500/month


3rd year

Up to $2500/month


4th year

Up to $4000/month

Medical underwriting required

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For more information, please contact SMA Insurance Team: