For Residents


As a member, you have access to a variety of insurance products to protect you and your family.

Family Medicine Resident Bursary

This program provides bursaries to family medicine residents who agree to provide service to a rural, regional, or northern Saskatchewan community.

Rural and Regional Physician Enhancement Training Program

This program provides funding for two second-year family medicine residents to complete a third year of training in a supernumerary position, to enhance their skills in obstetrics, anaesthesia, general surgery, psychiatry, internal medicine, or geriatrics.

Clinical Skills Program

This program gives you the opportunity to work alongside a rural or regional family physician while they are providing in-patient and emergency weekend on-call coverage.

Scotiabank + MD Financial Management

Through our partnership with MD Financial Management and Scotiabank Healthcare+, you have access to comprehensive financial planning, financial advice, and education and banking solutions.

Special Needs Loan Program

This program provides assistance to students and residents training to practice in under-serviced areas in rural, regional, or Northern Saskatchewan who are faced with difficult /insurmountable financial circumstances.

Roadmap Program

The Roadmap Program helps you explore everything that Saskatchewan has to offer. Join our Roadmap Tours to spend time with your medical school colleagues, travel the province and network with local physicians.