Fee-For Service

Physician Payment Schedule

The Physician Payment Schedule lists a payment for each insured service provided by a physician in Saskatchewan. Find answers to your billing questions in our Correct Claims FAQ.

Payment Schedule Modernization

The SMA and the Ministry of Health are working together to modernize Saskatchewan’s payment schedule for insured services, to bring it in line with current medical practices.

New Fee Items/Tariffs

The fee schedule is modernized and updated by the SMA Tariff Committee. This includes establishing new fees, as well as making changes to assessment rules, fee code descriptions, or any other facet of the fee schedule, and clarifying billing protocols.

Correct Claims FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions physicians may have on filing various claims.

SMA Fee Guide for Uninsured Services

The SMA Fee Guide (uninsured services schedule) provides guidance to physicians  for billing uninsured services. This page also contains guidance on medical and third party forms.

Critical Condition Good Faith Coverage

The purpose of the coverage policy is to minimize the risk of Saskatchewan practitioners not being paid for services provided to un-insured Canadian residents.

Temporary Extended/After-Hours Program

This program is applicable to all community-based fee-for-service family physicians providing extended/after-hours office-based services and virtual care.

Temporary After-Hours Urgent Care Clinic Program

This program provides a semi-annual lump-sum payment to approved fee-for-service clinics that provide after-hours urgent care services.

Non-Fee-For Service

Contract and Salaried Physicians

The SMA currently provides a host of services to physicians working under (or considering) salary and contractual arrangements, including negotiation representation and review of contracts.


Pandemic Compensation

There is a variety of compensation available related to COVID-19. Learn more about applicable benefits and fee codes here.

Negotiations and Bargaining

The SMA negotiates on behalf of both fee-for-service and contract physicians, to the  Ministry of Health for fair physician compensation. Learn more on this and the intersectional allocation process, here.

Compensation Programs

  • Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program
  • (Rural) Emergency Room Coverage Program
  • Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program
  • General Practitioner-Specialist Program
  • Specialist Emergency Coverage Program

Virtual Care

Virtual care provides physicians with flexibility and has shown itself to be an essential mode of care during the pandemic.

Workers Compensation Board Agreement

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) reached an Agreement for a period of five years expiring in, 2025. View codes and more, here.