Medical Staff Associations

MSA Revitalization

A Medical Staff Association (MSA) structure has replaced the former Regional Medical Associations after being endorsed at the 2021 Spring RA. The new structure was developed following a regional governance review and extensive consultations with physician leaders from the RMAs and RA delegates.

The regional governance review endeavoured to: 

  1. Clarify and define the most important and relevant roles and goals for local medical associations.
  2. Optimally align and enable physician representation at the most relevant decision-making level within the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA); and
  3. Optimize scarce resource utilization and local effectiveness.

MSA executives and RA delegates

Click on the name of an MSA below for a list of the executive members and Representative Assembly delegates for that MSA:


The goal of this shift is to increase physician participation at regional levels and encourage better information flow and feedback to the SMA’s corporate office. This revitalization of regional governance will enhance our ability to identify important issues early, share information broadly, including to other MSAs, and support local MSA leaders in their advocacy efforts.

What will this look like

Four resolutions approved at the 2021 Spring RA outlined the path to revitalization, including 12 MSAs whose boundaries are coterminous with Saskatchewan Health Authority health networks, which results in minimal change to existing structures. 


In addition, a revised MSA constitution template was developed to enable MSAs to achieve the following objects and interests: 

Object 1: To foster and support a healthy, informed and vibrant profession:

  1. Foster collegiality
  2. Develop physician leaders
  3. Promote physician well-being
  4. Ensure well-informed and connected physicians

Object 2:  To represent and advocate for MSA physicians:

  1. Represent the collective interests of physicians
  2. Influence decisions that impact physicians

Support for MSAs

The 12 Medical Staff Associations elect officers and RA delegates, and are developing rules and procedures. The SMA is providing ongoing staff support as MSAs set out to achieve their goals and objectives.