SMA and CMA Awards

Both the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) and Canadian Medical Association (CMA) present awards annually to recognize excellence.

Do you know a physician who has inspired you, raised the standards of health care delivery, made exceptional contributions to the medical profession or demonstrated outstanding leadership? Nominate him or her for an SMA or CMA award.

SMA Physician of the Year Award

The SMA Physician of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding Saskatchewan doctor who delivers exceptional patient care while contributing to the well-being of the community or advancement of the medical profession.

The Award was launched in 2002 to recognize the valuable contribution and service of one exemplary Saskatchewan physician each year.

Criteria for Award

  • Nominee must be an SMA member (who has student, resident, ordinary, salaried, part-time or retired membership status)

  • Nominee must be living in Saskatchewan at the time of nomination

  • Merit is based on quality, care and service – in either the medical profession or volunteer sector at a community, district, provincial, national or international level

Past winners

2018 - Dr. Bhanu Prasad, Regina, Nephrologist
2017 - Dr. Volker Rininsland, Moose Jaw, Family Physician
2016 - Dr. Crystal Litwin, Wynyard, Family Physician
2015 - Dr. Jenny Basran, Saskatoon, Geriatrician
2014 - Dr. Gert Pieterse, Porcupine Plain, Family Physician
2013 - Dr. Morris Markentin, Saskatoon, Family Physician
2012 - Dr. Peter Kapusta, Saskatoon, Professor and Family Physician
2011 - Dr. Daniel Kirchgesner, Humboldt, Family Physician
2010 - Dr. Thomas W. Wilson, Saskatoon, Professor and Internist
2009 - Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Radville, Family Physician
2008 - Dr. Krishna Kumar, Regina, Neurosurgeon
2007 - Dr. Christina Vuksic, Regina, Family Physician
2006 - Dr. Ali Rajput, Saskatoon, Neurologist
2005 - Dr. Stewart Holmes, Eston, Family Physician
2004 - Dr. Stephen Bester, Regina, Family Physician
2003 - Dr. Ed Busse, Regina, Cardiac Surgeon
2002 - Dr. Robert Griebel, Saskatoon, Neurosurgeon


CMA Special Awards

The CMA presents 11 awards annually to recognize the many physician contributions across the country:

  • Medal of Honour

  • Medal of Service

  • F.N.G. Starr Award

  • May Cohen Award for Women Mentors

  • Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action

  • CMA Medical Student and Resident Award for Political Action

  • Award for Excellence in Health Promotion

  • Award for Young Leaders

  • Dr. William Marsden Award in Medical Ethics

  • Physician Misericordia Award

  • CMA John McCrae Memorial Medal

CMA nominations
The CMA deadline for nominations is November 30. The CMA’s Committee on Archives and Awards meets in January to review nominations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The recipients will be notified in March and the award will be presented at the CMA Annual Meeting.

Please visit the CMA website for nomination forms and award criteria

CMA Award Recipients


  • Award for Young Leaders – Resident: Dr. Paul Dhillon, Regina

CMA Honourary Members


  • Dr. Penny Davis, Saskatoon

  • Dr. George Carson, Regina

  • Dr. James McHattie, Regina


  • Dr. Ezzat Abd-Elmessih, Regina

  • Dr. Graeme McIvor, Saskatoon

  • Dr. Robert Tokaryk, Saskatoon


  • Dr. Ron Ailsby, Regina

  • Dr. Meridale Dewar, Wynyard

  • Dr. Stuart Holmes, Eston