Primary Health Care Framework

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Download the SMA Primary Health Care Framework (PDF - 2.6 MB)

Primary health care must encompass a harmonious coexistence of health care providers working in a collaborative, flexible and adaptable partnership with the patient-family centre to achieve the common goal of better outcomes for all. It is clearly accepted that not everything tried will work, and that ongoing change, flexibility and adaptability is inevitable.

Principles of the framework

  • Patient-centered care

  • Quality care

  • Safe care

  • Best evidence and practice guidelines

  • Professional competence

  • Commitment to the framework

  • Mutual trust and respect

  • Honest, open, and continuous communication

  • Shared responsibility and accountability

  • Scope of practice

  • Common protocols

  • Mutually supportive environment

  • Acceptance to discuss financial issues

  • Locally based

  • Effective, integrated regional provision of services

  • An enhanced focus on illness and accident prevention and health promotion

  • One patient, one record

  • Knowledge of available services

  • Physician/patient connection

  • A learning and change culture

  • Basket of services and providers

  • Consultation and collaboration

Primary health care team composition

The framework is centered on a group of individuals with diverse training and backgrounds who work together as an identified team. The framework develops the concept of collaborative team practice and is flexible to address the needs and concerns of the respective stakeholders providing and receiving care. This means the patients, their families, and their communities are drivers of the team. The flexibility allows for variations that best suit the different contextual needs of care providers and patients. Under the team approach, care is provided by the most appropriate team member working to the full scope of their competence and capability.

Potential abounds

Once we start down the road of a collaborative primary health care framework, the possibilities and choice of routes are almost limitless. We must be open to supporting both providers and patients interested in embracing patient centered care and doing things differently. Our ability to recognize and manage the needs of the patient and family, as well as our ability to cope with the demands of the system, is essential for success. It is our hope that in the years ahead every citizen in Saskatchewan will have a family practitioner or an attachment to a family practitioner clinic working in a primary health care network where multiple health provider skill sets exist to meet the needs of the patient.

For more information, or to discuss the features and benefits of the framework, please contact the SMA at (306) 244-2196.