Saskatchewan Medical Association members provide direction and guidance to the organization through the Representative Assembly and a number of different committees.

Representative Assembly
The Representative Assembly is the governing body of the Saskatchewan Medical Association. It consists of representatives from regional medical associations, specialty sections, and medical students and residents. It is given the authority to act for the entire membership of the Association as it considers fit and proper and in the interest of the Association and its members.

The Representative Assembly sets the broad and sometimes specific policies of the Association. It elects the SMA Board of Directors and approves the Association's annual budget, including membership dues and policies regarding reimbursement of expenses to individuals providing services to the Association. It is also responsible for appointing the Association's auditors.

Proposed Amendments to SMA Bylaws (passed May 7, 2016) PDF

SMA Bylaws May 2016 PDF

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Medical Association is responsible to the Representative Assembly of the Association and exercises all powers of the Association and the Representative Assembly between meetings. Responsibilities of the Board include establishing policies relating to the collection of membership dues and nomination and election of district delegates, expending funds of the Association as provided in the annual budget, and engaging personnel to carry on the administration of Association business.

Board of Directors Terms of Reference

2020-21 Board of Directors


President - Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz, Regina
Vice-President - Dr. Eben Strydom, Melfort
Honorary Treasurer - Dr. John Gjevre, Saskatoon
Past-President - Dr. Allan Woo, Saskatoon


Board of Directors

Dr. Scott Adams (RDoS Representative)
Dr. Pam Arnold
Dr. Geethan Chandran
Dr. Annette Epp
Dr. Andre Grobler
Dr. Carla Holinaty
Dr. Crystal Litwin
Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka
Dr. Naeem Parvez
Mr. Shaylin Pillay (SMSS Representative)
Dr. Janet Shannon, Chair of the Board of Directors
Dr. Clare Kozroski (CMA Representative)

Ms. Bonnie Brossart, CEO
Ms. Colleen Walker, Executive Assistant, Board of Directors

Committees of the SMA