July 7, 2023

SMA to recognize outstanding contributions to SMA with new Service Award

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) is unveiling a new award for 2023 – the SMA Service Award. The award will recognize the physician recipient’s contributions to the SMA on committees, the board or in other activities that support the SMA and its mission.

Nomination deadline is Aug. 31, 2023.

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SMA Service Award Parameters
SMA Service Award Nomination Form

Dr. Annette Epp, president of the SMA, noted as a member-driven association, the SMA relies on its members for its strength, and for its ability to foster positive change for physicians in Saskatchewan.

“This award acknowledges that it is through the efforts of many members over the years that the SMA has accomplished what it has,” Dr. Epp said. “This award recognizes a physician who has provided exceptional levels of service to the SMA and to their colleagues. We value these contributions and want to recognize this work and time given to improve the profession.”

The award will be announced at the 2023 Fall Representative Assembly in Saskatoon during an evening ceremony on Nov. 3.

Nominations may be submitted by email to sma@sma.sk.ca or by mail to the SMA Saskatoon office.

For more information, contact communications@sma.sk.ca.

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