SMA Information


You can maintain “retired physician” status for a minimal fee per year. Membership allows participation on SMA committees and continued access to MD Management. 

In your final year of practice, your dues are prorated according to your retirement date.

Continuing Medical Education Fund

In the final year of practice, be sure to find out how much funding you have left in your CME account. After you retire, you can no longer access CME funds. Plan how you wish to spend your remaining funds before your date of retirement.

Retention Fund

Send a letter to the SMA informing us of your retirement date.


All of our insurance plans require you to be an SMA member.

  • Life Insurance: Existing coverage is not affected when you retire, but you cannot apply for more life insurance if you are no longer in active practice or if you are over the age of 65. Coverage ceases at age 72.
  • Disability Insurance: Ceases upon retirement or at age 70 (whichever comes first).  You cannot apply for coverage after age 65.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: This is a standalone plan so coverage is not affected by retirement.  You cannot apply for coverage after age 69.  Your coverage ceases at age 75.
  • Office Overhead: Ceases upon retirement or at age 70 (whichever comes first)
  • Medical and Dental: Ceases upon retirement and/or age 70 for both the physician and employees (if a physician is the employer).
  • Home Insurance: Not affected by retirement.
  • Medical Office Benefit Package: Ceases upon physician/employer retirement

Physicians should consult their financial advisor regarding their entire insurance portfolio when considering retirement.

Announcement Cards

If you’d like to let your colleagues know you’re retiring, we can help. The SMA offers retiring physicians the option of disseminating this information through a mail out of announcement cards. The physician may contact the SMA office to designate which colleagues will receive these cards. The SMA office will inform the physician of the cost involved (which may vary depending on the number of cards to be sent out). The physician is responsible for the cost of their cards and postage. The SMA provides the manpower to facilitate the coordination and disbursement.

You can include the name of the physician who is taking over your practice on the announcement card and negotiate a cost sharing agreement with this physician.