Psychological and Emotional Preparation

Just as there is more to life than medicine, so there is more to retirement than money.

Retirement is a natural phase of your medical career and the planning for this transition requires attention. This transition affects not only you but also your family, colleagues and patients. Being prepared emotionally for this life change is an essential component to a successful retirement plan.

Here are three worksheets that will help explore concerns you may have regarding retirement, establish timelines to prepare for retirement, and set up a realistic retirement plan. These worksheets are intended to serve as a starting point in preparing yourself emotionally. You’ll also want to connect with people in your support network for help processing this information.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For more information or support, please contact:

Brenda Senger, Director, Physician Support Programs
P: (306) 244-2196 or 1 (800) 667-3781 (toll-free in Saskatchewan).