New physicians, fresh from post-graduate training, face a host of challenges as they begin to work in their medical practices.

Through docs4docs, Saskatchewan Physician Mentorship, the SMA is connecting new physicians with those who are well-established in the province to help with the transition from training to practising. This program matches a new physician with a physician working in the same area of expertise.

Applications for both mentees and mentors will be accepted twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Applicants will complete a survey dealing their expertise as well as their personal interests. They will also be asked about their goals and objectives in their work. These surveys will be used to match mentees and mentors.

Mentees as well as mentors will benefit from the mentorship. A mentee will “learn the ropes” from a physician who understands and has navigated the health care system in Saskatchewan. A mentor will have the opportunity to stay connected to a younger generation and be more involved in succession planning. Both will learn from the other and will build a larger professional network. As an added incentive, the SMA will provide a discounted rate at a PMI course if a mentor/mentee pair attend the same course.

Docs4docs, Saskatchewan Physician Mentorship, is one more link in better connecting physicians, medical students and residents, and new-to-practice physicians, as the SMA continues to be a leader in mentoring in medicine in Canada.

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Application for new-in-practice physicians

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