Rural Relief Program

Do you require a rural relief locum?

If you are a general practitioner/family practitioner who is currently working in a rural community in Saskatchewan with fewer than five practicing physicians, then you are eligible to apply for a locum. Requests can be made for periods of four to 14 days, to a maximum of 30 days per year.

To make a request to the Rural Relief Program, simply complete this online form.

The SMA will contact you (approximately one month in advance) to let you know if a locum physician is available to fill your request.

For more information about the program, contact:

Randall Kehrig
Rural Relief Program Administrator
P: (306) 244-2196
F: (306) 653-1631

SMA Locum Physicians

Dr. Amit Motwani
Dr. Andrew Judd
Dr. David Archer
Dr. Dia Austin
Dr. Elie Karam
Dr. Farzana Timol
Dr. Fawzy Girgis
Dr. Francois Reitz
Dr. George Tuwor
Dr. Irene Lam
Dr. Julia Fox
Dr. Kiran Greywall
Dr. Lettie Kgobisa
Dr. Marcel Smit
Dr. Neelandran Naidoo
Dr. Paul Dhillon
Dr. Samantha Henley
Dr. Shannon Starr Davis
Dr. Tanner Schatz
Dr. Teja Rossmeisl
Dr.  Robert Horan