Statement of Cancellations Due to Covid 19.

“The SMA has been closely monitoring the current COVID 19 pandemic and is taking action to protect our members and the general public. We have been in regular contact with the CMA and our fellow provincial and territorial associations to work collaboratively to implement successful prevention and control measures. Social distancing practices are a prudent manner in which to contain the spread of the virus and protect the health of our members. This concern for the health and safety of individuals is paramount. As such, there may be changes and/or cancellations to meetings, courses and events. We will monitor the situation closely and advise our members of these decisions as soon as possible. Those affected by this will be contacted directly.”

Effective immediately, the SMA has made the decision to:

  • Cancel or suspend all Roadmap events that were currently scheduled. Some events may be rescheduled at a later date. 
  • Suspend the Rural and Regional Clinical Skills Program for medical students. (Family Medicine residents are not affected.)


Rural and Regional Clinical Skills Program 

**Please note, medical students may not participate in this program at this time. The program will be reinstated for students at a later date. Family Medicine residents are NOT affected by this suspension and may participate but must follow the current safetly guidelines as outlined by thier training program. 

The Rural and Regional Clinical Skills Program is intended to provide the opportunity for medical students and family medicine residents to work alongside a rural or regional family physician that provides both in-patient and emergency coverage for a weekend on call period. In this way the student will enhance their clinical skills and be introduced to rural medicine in a positive way.

For the full parameters and application form, please click here.

Please contact Delilah Dueck if you have any questions.

To set up shadowing, you are encouraged to contact physicians and/or clinics independently. If you are having difficulties, you may contact Dr. Tom Smith-Windsor for assistance:

Dr. Tom Smith-Windsor
Associate Dean, Rural and Northern Medicine Programs