Specialist Programs

The following programs for specialists have been negotiated and are managed by the SMA.

Specialist Emergency Coverage Program

The SMA has reached an agreement with Government to pay specialists who provide emergency call/coverage for their districts.

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Specialist Physician Enhancement Training Program

This program is currently under review and being updated.

The Specialist Physician Enhancement Training program provides funding to allow specialists practicing in Saskatchewan, either Canadian certified or foreign-certified, the opportunity to obtain additional training. Training may be sought as a professional sabbatical to obtain post sub-specialty training or to meet the requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons to sit the Canadian certification exam.

Six annual grants of up to $110,000 are available to specialists practicing in Saskatchewan. Funding is available for a maximum of two years and is provided according to the length of training. Candidates are encouraged to pursue studies at the University of Saskatchewan or another accredited North American teaching program. Approval will be at the discretion of the Committee.

All recipients will be required to fulfill a return-in-service commitment. Two years of service would be required for each year of training received. Length of return-of-service would be prorated according to the number of months funding was received.

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Specialist Recruitment Incentive

This program is currently under review and being updated.

The Specialist Recruitment Incentive, formerly the Specialist Practice Establishment Grant Program, was established in 2005 to recognize the commitments of specialists commencing medical practice in Saskatchewan. The grant provides $30,000 to an eligible specialist who commences a medical practice in a Saskatchewan community and remains in practice in that community for a minimum of 36 months.

Eligible physicians must:

  • not have practiced in Saskatchewan during the past twelve months
  • apply to receive an establishment grant no later than twelve months from the day of commencing practice in Saskatchewan
  • be specialists who agree and are eligible to commence medical practice in Saskatchewan for thirty-six months and have either full (Section 28 - Medical Profession Act) or provisional (Section 29 - Medical Profession Act) registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS).

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Specialist Extended Leave Program

The Specialist Extended Leave Program is provided through an agreement between the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the Government of Saskatchewan. The program's purpose is to provide funds to specialist physicians for reimbursement of costs and foregone practice income in order to participate in personalized educational instruction. The program also supports physicians to upgrade skills and knowledge in areas of their choice for periods of time from one to six weeks.

Eligible physicians may be able to claim up to $4,000 per week for each week of course attendance to a maximum of six weeks. Funds received from the program are taxable. Physicians will not be able to claim funds from this program and the CME bank for the same educational experience.

Physicians must have 12 months of continuous licensure and must have been practising in Saskatchewan for at least 12 months prior to applying to the fund. Physicians receiving monies from the fund will be expected to provide services in Saskatchewan for a period of time after completing the educational activity. The service commitment will be one month of service for every week of funding.

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