Physician Support Programs

Physician Health Program 

This program assists medical students, residents, physicians and their families struggling with mental, physical, or personal stress. Confidential referral, assessment, intervention and on-going support is available to physicians and their families through the SMA. Consultation and advice are also available to physicians handling difficult interpersonal issues.

Contact Brenda Senger (306-244-2196 or 1-800-667-3781) for assistance. If you feel your request for assistance cannot wait for regular business hours, Physician Health Program committee members are also available after hours and on weekends. Click here and log in to access their contact information.

If you require immediate medical assistance, visit your local hospital emergency room.

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Medical Benevolent Society  

The Medical Benevolent Society, which is managed jointly with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, provides financial assistance to physicians, medical students, their surviving spouses and/or dependent children in need. In addition, it can provide educational scholarships, bursaries or fellowships to medical students and physicians who are Canadian citizens.

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Member Advisory Component 

The Member Advisory Component (MAC)'s purpose is to:

  • Provide counsel to SMA members who require assistance in responding to inquiries from, or investigation by, peer review agencies or processes 

  • Assist members under investigation in preparing the best possible responses to inquiries 

  • Make appropriate recommendations when peer investigative procedures are deemed to be unfair or biased 

  • Advise members under peer review when legal counsel is desirable 

  • Provide advice to members who seek assistance in the resolution of conflicts with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, hospitals, RHAs or patients

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Living Well - Physician Wellness Initiative

This is a new idea designed by current medical students and a faculty facilitator to promote a culture of wellness in medical school and beyond. 

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