Medical Benevolent Society

A history of doctors helping doctors

On July 23, 1962, only a few hours after attending a meeting that prepared the way for a settlement of the Medicare crisis, Drs. John Knox of Maple Creek and Robert Nixon of Estevan, en route to a reunion with their families, died in an air crash near Arcola, Saskatchewan.

Drs. Knox and Nixon had conscientiously served their fellow doctors during the months of strain and anxiety which preceded the Saskatoon Agreement. The tragic accident saddened the whole province and the loss was deeply felt by members of the profession.

Both doctors left behind wives and very young children and the Society was originally formed to provide for the future education of the children. Doctors throughout Saskatchewan and Canada were canvassed to make a donation to the Society and the reponse was overwhelming.

Initially, the Society provided substantial financial support to the widows of the two doctors and their children. As time went by and these needs diminished, the Society increasingly turned its attention to assisting others in need both within and beyond the medical fraternity.

A helping hand available today

In 1999, in response to increasing need within the medical community, the Society amended its articles of incorporation to restrict the scope of its financial assistance to physicians, medical students, their surviving spouses and/or dependent children. In addition the Society can provide educational scholarships, bursaries, or fellowships to medical students and physicians who are Canadian citizens.

The Society currently uses only the interest earned by the fund to grant requests for assistance. Within these limited resources, the Society attempts to respond to requests from physicians, students, residents, and their families. From time to time, the financial needs of some of your colleagues can become insurmountable. Unfortunately these resources available to the Society are not always sufficient to meet these needs.

In order to more effectively meet the needs of our colleagues, the Society wishes to raise its profile among the physicians of Saskatchewan and enhance the level of donations to the fund. The Medical Benevolent Society wants you to be aware of the Society should you or a colleague require assistance and is hopeful that you will consider generously supporting the Society's ongoing efforts to assist all physicians and their families.

The Medical Benevolent Society is a registered, charitable foundation established and directed jointly by the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

A Board of Directors consisting of the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Board of the Saskatchewan Medical Association governs the Society. A Committee jointly appointed by the Board of Directors manages the day-to-day activities.

Each November, a fundraising campaign is initiated. A letter is sent to every fully licensed, practising physician in the province requesting financial support for the Medical Benevolent Society. A tax receipt is issued for each donation.

To request financial assistance, or to make a donation to the Society, please contact:

Medical Benevolent Society
C/O Saskatchewan Medical Association
201-2174 Airport Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6M6
Phone: 306-244-2196
E-mail: Brenda Senger at