Jan. 30, 2024

Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) provides physicians with an opportunity for improvement

The Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) urges physicians selected for an assessment of their practices to view it as an opportunity for self-reflection to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.

PEP provides physicians with a report on their practices following an assessment process. The goal is to help physicians improve their clinical skills and office practices.

Physicians selected through the random selection process receive the Medical Council of Canada 360 multisource feedback process. The 360 process includes feedback from physician and non-physician colleagues and patients, plus a self-assessment from the physician.

Dr. George Carson, PEP co-chair, encourages physicians who take the self-assessment to feel fortunate for the opportunity to reflect on those areas in which they could improve.

“We are all good, and we can get even better,” Dr. Carson said. “None of us is perfect. It would be surprising if we truly rated at the top in each area of the self-assessment.”

Physicians should view the MCC 360 process “as an opportunity – through both a self-assessment and feedback from others – to get even better,” he said.

A committee of six Saskatchewan physicians administers PEP, including three nominated by the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA). The SMA, Ministry of Health, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan jointly fund the program. Click here for more information about PEP.

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