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22nd - Jun

Yorkton physician pays it forward - buys vehicle for staff member

A Yorkton family physician who got a helping hand when he came to Saskatchewan from Nigeria is paying it forward by buying a new vehicle for a staff member, who is from the Philippines.

“She’s an immigrant like I am and like many other immigrants, it’s quite difficult when you start afresh,” said Dr. Ade Mosuro. “She has challenges with regards to transportation – with having a vehicle. It was something I picked up on. I just felt she needed some help.”

Dr. Mosuro purchased a Ford Escape from Royal Ford in Yorkton and handed his staff member the keys. She has a family with four grown children who share one vehicle. Dr. Mosuro thought her life would be so much easier with a second vehicle. He is hesitant to tell this story because he is not seeking publicity. Rather, his motives grew out of his experiences when he came to Preeceville in 2014 with his wife and children.

“At some point in time you are very fortunate to meet people who will help you out,” said Dr. Mosuro. “It’s quite tough when you relocate as an immigrant. You come here, you start from ground zero and you need all the help you can get.

“Those who are fortunate enough to get help usually tend to hit the ground running, and they do quite well compared to people who don’t get a helping hand, who tend to struggle. I’ve been helped in the past and I know how significant or how helpful it is when someone gives you some form of assistance. It’s in that light that I made up my mind some years ago that I should help out whenever I can.”

Dr. Mosuro and his family received free accommodations and utilities from Dr. Taofik Adedeji during their first year in Preeceville. “I don’t need to tell you how much help that is in the present times for an immigrant,” he said.

He moved to Kamsack and then to Yorkton in October 2018. The staff member who received the vehicle has been with him since late 2018. “She’s very hard-working,” Dr. Mosuro said. “She’s a dedicated mother, wife and is a pleasant person.”

A Facebook post of the moment she received the keys last week has been posted by Royal Ford salesperson John Cymbalisty. Comments and views have been soaring. Dr. Mosuro thought something was amiss when friends in Kamsack and Yorkton began texting him about it.

“They were telling me I’m a good person and what I did was very thoughtful. I was just wondering how did they know I did this? It wasn’t supposed to be something public,” said Dr. Mosuro, who isn’t an active Facebook user. For him, it’s a simple matter of helping out a staff member who did not have a car at her disposal.

“You pick up on these things and you feel, what’s the point in her not getting some help if it is something I could do?”

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