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SMA launches physician leadership awards

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has announced three new leadership awards which are to be presented to a student, resident and practising physician in Saskatchewan who exemplify leadership in either their work, or in the personal lives. The awards were approved by the Board of Directors earlier this year.

Growing effective physician leaders is strategic priority for the SMA. The idea of the awards is to underline this importance, and recognize and value these qualities.

“Increasingly, physician leadership is being accepted as an essential element of a high-performing, health-care system,” said Dr. Siva Karunakaran, president of the SMA. “The SMA’s new leadership awards speak to our belief that strong leadership within the physician community needs to be nurtured and valued, and we are keen to recognize effective leadership at all levels.”

The SMA has been awarding the Physician of the Year (POTY) for years, and that award will continue to exist and recognize physicians who have a record of success across many criteria. While leadership is an aspect of the POTY award, the new awards are really aimed at recognizing community leadership, whether in the health-care system, or within the wider community.

“These awards will recognize the efforts of students, residents and physicians,” said Bonnie Brossart, CEO of the SMA. “We commonly hear of amazing leadership accomplishments among our members, but had no way to really recognize them. There are some differences, too, among the leadership contexts of students, residents and practising physicians, and that was something we are addressing by having three categories. Our categories align with leadership awards offered by the Canadian Medical Association; we are hopeful that our local awards will inspire submissions at the national level.”

Over the last four to five years, the recognition of the importance of physician leadership has been growing. “The new Saskatchewan Health Authority - created in December of 2017 - has structured itself in a way that affirms physician leadership in the decision-making process, and I am happy to see these kinds of positive developments,” Dr. Karunakaran said. “These awards are part of a larger effort to ensure that physicians are integral to the management, planning and governance of the health-care system.”

You can find out more about the SMA’s leadership awards here.

Physician Leader of the Year Parameters
Physician Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Resident Leader of the Year
Resident Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Student Leader of the Year
Student Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Submission deadline for this year is May 30, 2019. The awards will be presented at the 2019 Fall Representative Assembly. Winners receive public recognition and a complimentary, one-year membership in the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders.

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