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Call for nominations: SMA 2019 Physician of the Year Award

Do you know a Saskatchewan physician who has made a difference in the province’s medical community?

If so, you can recognize this special person by nominating him or her for the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) Physician of the Year Award for 2019.

The SMA is seeking Physician of the Year nominations from other physicians, citizens, communities, sections and regional medical associations. A summary of the candidate’s achievements and why he or she should be considered is all that is required. All submissions will be forwarded to the SMA Appointments and Awards Committee for consideration. The Board of Directors adjudicates the award.

The nominee must be an SMA member and be living in Saskatchewan at the time of the nomination. The award is presented for outstanding contributions made by a physician either during a particular time span or throughout his or her career. Physician contributions can be made in the medical profession or volunteer sector and can be to a community or district, or at the provincial, national or international level.

Each nomination must include a summary of the candidate’s achievements and at least one letter of reference. The nomination must also be signed by two nominators. To nominate a physician, view and fill out the Physician of the Year - Nomination Form 2019 and the Physician of the Year – Parameters 2019.

The nomination deadline is April 5, 2019, with the award being presented at the spring meeting of the Representative Assembly on May 3, 2019, in Saskatoon.

If you know a Saskatchewan physician who merits this award, now is your chance to recognize that person.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Ryhorski or Girard Hengen
Communications Advisors
Saskatchewan Medical Association

P: (306) 244-2196


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