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SMA congratulates U of S College of Medicine Class of 2017

The Saskatchewan Medical Association congratulates the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine graduating class of 2017. Here’s what a few of you had to say about convocation ceremonies on June 8, 2017, at TCU Place in Saskatoon:

Dr Joanne Sivertson, SMA president: Congratulations to the new physicians of 2017!  Remember a few things as you move into residency and beyond into practice. Your best teaching does not come from reading, but from patients, families, nurses, colleagues and others. Learn from them. Remember your basics. Remember your empathy. Remember to breathe. Remember snacks. And remember: this is what you've been training for. You got this!

Jessica Harris: “It’s so great to celebrate with all of our classmates today and it’s lovely that the SMA is here to support us. You’ve been here since day one with us. Before even our first day of school we went on our first Roadmap trip to Fort Qu’Appelle and it’s been a great ride ever since so thank you, and especially to Delilah and for all of the support from the SMA.”

Jessica Winter: As we’re getting our diplomas on stage they’re saying congratulations on all the hard work, it’s gotten you to this point, and all I can think right now is all of the hard work is actually just beginning. But it’s been a very exciting day and I’m just happy to celebrate with friends and family.

Jaylynn Arcand: Graduation means to me that we’re saying goodbye to family today. We’re saying goodbye to this family but saying hello to a whole new family.


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