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SMA president condemns racist comments made at anti-mask rally in Regina

For immediate release - December 14, 2020

The president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has joined a chorus of leaders and citizens condemning racist comments made at an anti-masking rally held in Regina on Dec. 12.

“The kinds of comments made at that rally have no place in our society,” said Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz, president of the SMA, the professional association which represents more than 3,000 physicians in the province.

“I believe the majority of the people in this province do not share these kinds of views. I want to stress that the statements made at this rally were hurtful to all Canadians. Such rhetoric simply does not belong in any discourse in our community and must be unequivocally condemned.”

Dr. Konstantynowicz said while the comments were made in relation to a physician, they affect everybody. “Such rhetoric is completely out of step with Canadian values,” she said. “Canada is a proudly welcoming culture and, as citizens, we continue to build a community which strives for inclusion and not division.”

Dr. Konstantynowicz became president of the SMA in June of this year and has committed to working on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives within the SMA and the profession.

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