Dec. 10, 2020

25 Sask. health groups unite in online pandemic ad campaign targeted at young adults

More than two dozen Saskatchewan health-care organizations have joined forces in an online ad campaign that targets young adults and asks them to “hang in there” by following public health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign’s URL – – expresses the campaign’s theme that young adults – along with all Saskatchewan people – want a return to normal, but restrictions continue to be necessary as COVID case numbers rise. A total of 25 health organizations have combined to support the campaign in a broadly based show of unity that spans the health system.

“As health-care providers we are very concerned about the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in our province,” said Dr. Myles Deutscher, president of the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians. “We wanted to target our younger patients because of the increase in cases we have seen in this demographic. Increased COVID cases puts a burden on all areas of the health-care system, which translates into a higher burden of illness for both COVID and non-COVID illnesses.”

“We know that for young adults especially, these last nine months have been very difficult,” added Shayan Shirazi, president of the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan. “We have never lived through a pandemic in our adult lives before and losing our regular activities and social lives has been challenging. As young adults, we primarily use social media to communicate, so it is nice to have a reminder of what we need to be doing to keep everyone safe on channels that we actually use.”

The six-week online campaign includes website and social media advertising designed by MGM Communications. The campaign is designed to be empathetic as people grow fatigued by restrictions, yet call for compliance. The groups contributing to the campaign are listed below.

Saskatchewan’s physicians have heard sobering predictions for the health-care system if we do not get COVID-19 under control. We are seeing more cases among all age groups, and this campaign encourages young adults to recognize that public health guidelines include them as well. The only way we will return to normal is by reducing the spread of this virus.

The online campaign takes on a serious issue with an approach that sympathizes with what we are all experiencing and feeling. I urge you to check out, and share the messages you see in social media. We will get through this together.

Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz

President, Saskatchewan Medical Association

It’s a powerful statement when such a large and respected group of provincial health organizations unite with the single goal of educating the public on how they can work together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are imploring individuals to follow public health directives and the advice from their trusted health professionals – a simple, yet vital message in our collective fight to overcome this pandemic, especially as cases continue to rise heading into the holiday season.

Tracy Zambory

President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

After nine months of physical distancing and increased anxiety, we are all feeling pretty burned out. With increased community restrictions, especially over the Christmas season, we predict it may be more challenging for community members to abide by these rules. We wanted to find a way for our organizations to come together to encourage the public to continue to follow the public health orders in order to keep our families, our communities and ourselves safe.

We also want to thank the public for staying home if you have been in contact with a case of COVID, getting tested if you have symptoms, washing your hands, wearing a mask, and by complying with the restrictions set out by public health.

Dr. Myles Deutscher

President, Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians

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