Learning Opportunity for Physician Quality Leaders


Mini-Advanced Training Program (miniATP)

Institute for Health Care Leadership

Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, Utah


Mini-Advanced Training Program Nomination Form (Microsoft Word Document)


The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) and Health Quality Council (HQC) are partnering to sponsor four (4) physicians, who are leaders in quality improvement, to attend the miniATP training at Intermountain Healthcare, Utah during the Winter 2016 session (January – April 2016).  This course consists of nine (9) days of classroom instruction distributed over four on-site sessions in Salt Lake City, Utah. Participants must also have a quality improvement project, sponsored by their employer/home organization that they will work on over the four months of the course.

The miniATP offers a practical, in-depth course for health care professionals who need to teach, implement and investigate quality improvement, outcome measurement and management of both clinical and non-clinical processes.

The miniATP course is designed to facilitate the development of skills and competencies needed by community physician leaders, clinical team members, and administrators to actively lead, participate in, and direct organizational clinical management efforts. The course will give participants the understanding and tools necessary to conduct state-of-the-art clinical practice improvement projects and use quality improvement methods to manage and integrate clinical processes.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Designing data systems
  • Outcome measurement and tracking
  • Methods for fast improvement
  • Total Quality Management / Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Necessary leadership skills in building a foundation for integrated clinical research
  • Tools necessary to improve patient outcomes, quality of care, and cost effectiveness
  • Clinical guidelines and protocols


Dates (all in 2016) of the classroom sessions in Salt Lake City are:

January 25-27; February 24-26; March 21-23; and April 28-29.

More detailed information about the miniATP course can be found online at:  https://intermountainhealthcare.org/research/institute-for-healthcare-leadership/courses/miniatp/

Purpose and Conditions of Participation:

The purpose for this training sponsorship is to further develop a cadre of physician quality leaders in Saskatchewan to strengthen clinical leadership of quality improvement.  The physicians chosen to attend the course will be expected to use the skills they learn at Intermountain to help HQC and SMA continue to build the community of clinician quality leaders in Saskatchewan.  In part, this will involve the participants as expert faculty, in collaboration with HQC, in the design and delivery of training for clinicians in this province.  Prior to registration in the course, physicians selected to  participate will sign an agreement with HQC regarding conditions of the sponsorship.

Sponsorship by SMA and HQC:

The sponsors will pay for travel and accommodation, course registration, and will provide an honorarium for physician participants who are not paid through an alternative payment plan (i.e. who are entirely remunerated by fee-for-service billing).

Nomination and Selection Process:

To be considered for selection for this sponsored education opportunity, physicians must be nominated by a colleague, employer or other person familiar with their engagement and leadership in quality improvement.  A nomination form is attached to this document.  Nominations are due by September 2, 2015.

Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee from HQC and SMA.  Selection will be based on the nominee’s demonstrated engagement and leadership in quality improvement, their experience in teaching/mentoring others, and other experience or qualifications that make the candidate an especially good fit for helping to develop clinician leadership for quality in Saskatchewan.

Nominees will be informed of the decision by the selection committee no later than September 18, 2015.


Mini-Advanced Training Program Nomination Form (Microsoft Word Document)