Governance Review

At the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s (SMA) 2021 Spring Representative Assembly, delegates supported a resolution calling for an external review of SMA governance processes. The SMA Board of Directors considered current processes, models and structures, and reviewed approaches used by other provincial medical associations. SMA CEO Bonnie Brossart made a presentation to delegates at the 2021 Fall RA titled: “SMA Governance: Overview, Review and Proposed Next Steps.”

The proposed next steps, which were endorsed at the RA, included the establishment of a five-member Special SMA Governance Committee comprised of RA delegates. The committee proposed recommendations on governance processes to improve SMA transparency and accountability at the 2022 Fall RA on Oct. 29, 2022. Dr. Briane Scharfstein, Consultant, told delegates that the committee reviewed the SMA’s governance model to ensure modern, transparent processes that promote equitable access to leadership, diverse representation, and regular renewal. A number of structural and procedural recommendations were approved by RA delegates that aim to:

  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness in achieving organizational objectives.
  • Preserve and enhance transparency, fairness, accountability, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Work will begin on implementing the recommendations via a re-constituted Legislation and Policy Committee, including amendments to the SMA bylaws and relevant policy development. The proposed bylaw amendments will be presented to SMA members at the 2023 AGM in May.