SASKSONO Conference 2020 – “Everything is POCUS”

Conference Objectives:
Students, residents and clinicians will explore key aspects of Point of Care Ultrasound including knowledge of indications, image generation and interpretation skills, and clinical integration. Additionally, participants will learn to navigate the fundamentals of POCUS research and quality assurance so that they can approach POCUS evidence accordingly as well as safely move toward integration into clinical practice. We offer a mix of lectures, hands-on workshops and simulated events in a concurrent way to provide a customizable, high quality learning experience relevant to the learner’s skill level and discipline. At SASKSONO20, everything is POCUS!

Conference Target Audience:
Family Physicians (regional and rural sites), Emergency Physicians, Internists, Anesthetists, Intensivists, Pediatricians, Resident. Medical students encouraged to attend.

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