Compensation Programs

Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP)

The Ministry of Health, the Saskatchewan Medical Association and eHealth Saskatchewan partnered to launch this program focused on the on-going continuous improvement of chronic disease management in Saskatchewan.

An expert group of Saskatchewan clinicians have designed smart flow sheets based on clinical practice guidelines and best practices in chronic disease management. A supplementary payment will be made based on the physician’s successful submission of process indicator data. The process indicators are not tied to targets or patient outcomes; they simply reflect actions related to best practice patient care. This payment is in addition to current CDM fee codes included in the Physician Payment Schedule.

CDM QIP flow sheets

This document will provide details of the indicators for the four chronic diseases included in CDM-QIP with clarification of when each indicator is required for payment and how payment to physicians is assessed:

Click on the following for paper-based flow sheets:

(Rural) Emergency Room Coverage Program (ERCP)

This program remunerates physicians who provide emergency room coverage in rural communities, in accordance with approved Saskatchewan Health Authority plans. Payment is made on an hourly basis for weekday nights, weekends, and statutory holidays, and is in addition to regular fee-for-service earnings.

Further details including payment rates and facilities covered can be found in the insured Physician Payment Schedule.

Family Physician Coverage for New/Unassigned Patients

Beginning in 2007, funding has been made available to ensure availability of family physicians to assist in the provision of medical services for patients in regional hospitals. Physician groups provide continuous coverage to a range of services as determined by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and local physician community. These services could include coverage for the following circumstances:

  • Patients without a designated family physician requiring admission to hospital, where no specialist is available to admit the patient

  • Hospital patients without a family physician who are transferred from the care of a specialist to a family physician either in hospital or on discharge

  • Patients requiring transfer between facilities

  • Obstetrical patients, where there is no obstetrician to assume care

  • Surgical assists

  • Neonatal resuscitation, when a paediatrician is not available

Further details are listed in Section A of the Physician Payment Schedule, which is available on the eHealth website.

Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program (FPCCP)

The Family Physician Comprehensive Care Program (FPCCP) is intended to recognize family physicians for the value and continuity of care they provide to patients when they provide a full range of services. The program is also intended to incent more physicians in providing comprehensive care.

General Practitioner-Specialist Programs

The General Practitioner – Specialist Program provides a bonus payment and mentorship to family physicians that provide Anesthesia, Surgery and Obstetrics services in rural and regional areas.

Specialist Emergency Coverage Program

The SMA has reached an agreement with government to meet the emergency medical needs of new or unassigned patients requiring specialty care and to ensure that specialists providing coverage as part of an established call rotation are fairly compensated for being available to provide this service.