About SMA

Who We Are

The Saskatchewan Medical Association is a voluntary professional association for physicians in Saskatchewan, where over 90 per cent of physicians are members. The SMA also represents the vast majority of medical students and residents training in Saskatchewan.

We represent the collective view of the medical profession in Saskatchewan, and negotiate for and on behalf of fee-for-service, salaried and alternate payment physicians. The SMA is a provincial division of the Canadian Medical Association, which acts as the national voice of medicine in Canada. Membership is conjoint, and all SMA members are entitled to the rights and benefits of membership in the Canadian Medical Association.

Our Mission

As the common voice of our members, we serve, represent and unite Saskatchewan physicians.

We advance the honour and integrity of the medical profession; advance the professional, personal, educational, and economic welfare of Saskatchewan physicians; and promote a high- quality, patient-centred health care system.

Our Values

We believe in providing leadership and promoting excellence in health care.  

We are accountable, professional and compassionate.

Our Strategic Vision for the SMA

We aspire towards healthy, engaged and empowered physicians leading high quality patient care and building healthy communities.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan will guide the SMA until the end of 2022. It builds on the strong foundational principles of our mission, values and strategic vision. The four strategic priorities guiding the SMA focus on members in the context of the changing health care environment in Saskatchewan.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  1. Improve physician wellness
  2. Deliver exceptional member-based service
  3. Strengthen relationships
  4. Grow effective physician leaders