EMR Program


The Saskatchewan EMR Program was created to assist physicians with the implementation of EMR systems in their clinics. Physicians can realize many benefits with the implementation and utilization of EMR software. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved quality of care

  • Better organization and access to information within the medical record

  • Reduction in staff time in transition, pulling, and filing paper charts

  • Ease of access to information in emergency situations

  • A reduction in the space required to store files

  • Better control over retention and destruction of records

  • Greater coordination and continuity of care among providers

  • A reduction in billing errors

  • A reduction in adverse drug events

  • Lower drug, laboratory, and radiology utilization and reduced duplication

Through a joint funding agreement between the SMA and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, physicians in Saskatchewan can receive on-going support to adopt one of the approved Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions. The SMA and the Ministry of Health has adopted a multi-faceted approach to change management and funding to assist physicians with implementation and use.

The Saskatchewan EMR Program has granted approval status to the following EMR solution vendors: