May 9, 2018

Physician-delegates endorse SMA’s 2018-22 Strategic Plan

The Saskatchewan Medical Association’s new Strategic Plan had been approved by delegates attending the 2018 Spring Representative Assembly.

A new Strategic Plan will guide the organization’s efforts through to 2022. The plan notes that the next three to five years holds great potential for Saskatchewan physicians to be leaders as the health system undergoes tremendous change. The Saskatchewan Health Authority has already incorporated physician leadership at its highest levels.

The Strategic Plan states that the SMA will represent, engage, unite and advocate for physicians so that they thrive in the new health environment.

The mission statement says: “As the common voice of our members, we serve, represent and unite Saskatchewan physicians.

“We advance the honour and integrity of the medical profession; advance the professional, personal, educational, and economic well-being of Saskatchewan physicians; and promote a high-quality, patient-centred health-care system.”

There four pillars of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan are:

  1. Improve physician wellness
  2. Deliver exceptional member-based service
  3. Strengthen relationships
  4. Grow effective physician leaders

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