EMR Progress Assessment

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) EMR Program has collaborated with OntarioMD to develop an EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) application. The EPA is an online assessment that assists physicians in identifying their current and desired levels of EMR acumen.

EPA respondents are asked to identify their current level of EMR maturity as it pertains to 10 key measures, spanning three functional areas of the EMR (i.e., practice management, information management, and diagnosis and treatment support). The outcomes of the assessment identify gaps and pinpoint what changes will be of most benefit.

In collaboration with your Practice Advisor (PA), an action plan will be developed to assist you in achieving your goals. This action plan - enriched with quality improvement methodology - will reflect your priorities, leading to improved workflow and efficiencies. Physicians and clinic staff will have access to the information, tools and support required to enhance their use of the EMR.

For more information or to register for an EMR Progress Assessment please contact the EMR Program:

Telephone: 306-657-4557
Saskatchewan toll-free Telephone: 1.800.667.3781
Fax: 306.974.0326
Email: epa@sma.sk.ca

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