Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EMR Progress Assessment (EPA)?

The EPA is an online questionnaire designed to help you understand your current level of EMR use and identify areas for enhancement based on your personal and practice needs and interests.

Why should I complete the EPA?

The EPA can help assess your current and desired levels of EMR use and assist in identifying quality improvement activities to optimize practice management and clinical efficiency. You can then take advantage of all the other services available to you through the SK EMR Program.

How can the results be interpreted?

All paper-based processes are labelled as Phase 0. You can advance from Phase 1 to Phase 5. Depending on the size and type of your practice not all EMR features may be relevant to your practice setting.

Who can use the self-assessment?

It is most beneficial to have the person who is responsible for or knowledgeable about each of the 10 key measures complete the parts of the assessment that apply to his or her role.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to complete an EPA.

Can I earn Mainpro Credits by completing the EPA?

No, you cannot earn Mainpro Credits by completing the assessment; however, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops where credits can be earned.

What is the time commitment?

The time to complete the online assessment is minimal. The time commitment after the assessment is completed will vary depending on the outcomes.

Will I receive financial compensation for my time?

No, you will not be financially compensated for your time.

Will the results from the EMR Progess Assessment affect the funding that physicians receive under the SK EMR Program?

No, the results from the assessment do not affect your funding.

Why do I see Ontario MD when I register online?

The Saskatchewan Medical Association has employed OntarioMD to acquire a regional version of OntarioMD’s EMR Progress Assessment tool to support the SMA EMR Program. The EPA enables physicians to assess their current and desired level of EMR acumen in order to identify areas of improvement.

How do I provide comments or obtain additional information on the EMR Progess Assessment?

The EMR Program encourages your feedback. You may send comments, questions or suggestions to